An Open Letter to Summer 2k17

Before you actually read the post, I just wanted to explain it a little bit. This open letter concept has become a really popular trend on social media and one that I love. I wanted to make my own open letter to Summer 2017 because this has been such a big year for me and it isn’t even halfway done. I hope you guys enjoy! Make sure to like and follow. Also, click here to watch my latest YouTube video.


Dear Summer 2k17,

This is the summer of adventure, change, and most importantly freedom. For the first time in my life, the Fall that is to follow won’t be the same as it was for the last 3 years. No longer will I know what my future truly holds. And for now, I am OK with that.

Sure, my Summer won’t be tanning in Bora Bora, bonfires everyday, and brunches at 12 p.m., but my summer will be the perfect mix of comfort and newness. I’m sure I will throw up whilst traveling overseas and end up spending too much time on YouTube, but I am also sure that I will end up enjoying breakfast with my friends more than once and create the weirdest videos to laugh about together. If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that I will love every second of it. Well, maybe I could do without the throwing up part.

This summer I want to spend time with friends that I have gotten to know so well for the past 3-4 years of my life. I want to hold them close because in the Fall, most of them won’t be with me every day. I want to go Kayaking and spend time at the beach, I want to watch weird movies, and eat copious amounts of ice cream. I want to enjoy the feeling of knowing each other so well that we don’t have to say anything.

This year I want to meet my extended family and actually have a conversation with them. I want to watch 4th of July fireworks while eating popcorn and sitting on a beach chair. I want to play Monopoly until one of us inevitably cheats and everyone wants to leave.

Finally, Summer 2k17, I want this to be the year that I come closer to learning more about myself and my destination in life. I want Summer 2k17 to preface what will be the most adventurous and beautiful time in my life.


A (somewhat) Professional Teenager




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