5 Ways to Pick Yourself Up


Wow, that was a long title. I am so excited to create this post because I use all of these tips so much! Whenever something bad happens, whether it is a test grade that I am not happy about, or any other problem it tends to make my whole day bad and sometimes seems to lower happiness for the next few days. This year one of my goals this year has been to be happier. So I am taking proactive steps in making sure I don’t milk a small incident for the whole day or week. Here are a few of my tips to make bad days better.

  1. Bad day doesn’t equal lazy day
    I have learned that if I am having a bad day, the worst thing to do is make it into a lazy or Netflix and chill day. This is because it makes me groggy and can feed into the self-guilt cycle that follows a binge-watching cycle. This is what makes bad days seem to last forever, when we allow ourselves to sit and gorge on unhealthy foods and watch unprecedented amount of TV shows.
  2. Natural Light is an energy pill
    While it seems perfect to have the curtains closed and keep the house dark when my mood is dark. That is not a good idea (for all the reasons mentioned above). Every time I open the blinds in the morning (good day or bad) it just makes me want to be more productive. So if you are having a bad day just open the blinds and trust me you will feel a lot better.
  3. FOMO for the weak
    There is nothing worse then having a bad day and then going on Instagram and seeing others having the time of their life. We all know that social media is not very reflective of real life but when we aren’t feeling good about something it can make us feel worse. I have done it all too many times. When I was having a bad day and then I would go on Instagram and see that someone was getting married, someone was vacationing in Puerto Rico. Stay away from the temptation of wanting to go on your phone.
  4. Stretching is key
    There is something about doing difficult yoga poses that seems to distract me. I either like to stretch and meditate. That usually puts me at peace and I know that no one can reach me or make me feel bad when I am confident with myself.
  5. Be humbled
    I think when I am having of my bad day, it makes me happy to count my lucky stars and just think of how fortunate I am. I like to do this by watching Carl Sagan’s, “Pale Blue Dot.” Everything he says is just SO humbling and makes you appreciate the magical experience of being human. You can watch it here.


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  1. I love this. Will definitely need to try these tips out. X

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