New Years Resolutions // 2017


Happy New Year! I have not been on my blog space in forever, and tonight I decided to go ahead and post my NY resolutions and really document them so that I am committing myself to them. There is just something about putting things online that makes stuff seem more official. Anyway, lets get on with my three resolutions!

  1. Embrace change:
    This is my NUMBER ONE goal for 2017! I can be very terrible the stability in my life seems to crash and break down. I am the plan-to-the-hour, type A personality. I like the expected, and when things are changing too fast or unexpectedly I get anxious and moody. This year I would really like to change that. Especially since this year a LOT in my life will be changing. I will be graduating, moving, getting a job, making new friends. I want to be so optimistic about my forthcoming future that I forget all the worries and just succumb to happiness and joy around me.
  2. Commit:
    There are a lot of things I am good at, helping others and giving them advice. There are also things I am bad at, such as listening to my own advice and following my heart. Whatever that means. For the past year I have really struggled with committing to goals and plans and just myself in general. However this year I want to work on being for committed so that my plans will work out in the long run.
  3. Simplify life:
    There is something so refreshing about living simply. I have always been allured by the gray/white scale bedrooms with minimal clothing that is high quality. This year, I want to step towards that sort of life and really just cut through my physical belongings and mental baggage as well as clean up my digital life. This will allow me to step towards leaving a smaller carbon footprint and being a healthier person.

Thank you so much for reading, share your new years resolutions with me in the comments below! Can’t wait to chat!







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