Bullet Journal #1: Settling In


This year, I will be using what is popularly known as a bullet journal. I don’t really know how to describe other than if you imagine that a planner, diary, and fitness/food tracker had a baby. You can personalize it as much as you want. Basically you take any notebook you want, it can be a high end leuchtturm 1917 journal or a 50 cent composition book. I chose a $5 sketchbook from Walmart. It has 110 pages and is hard bound. You will also need pen(s) and the optional washi tape and other decorative items.

Ideally, your bullet journal should have an index (or table of contents), a key (legend for symbols you will be using), and a future log.

As I said before, because this journal is so customizable, you can add what you want and skip what you don’t want. I skipped over the index because I would’ve never used it and made a key (super simple) and future log. For my future log, I totally just cut and pasted the 2017 calendar from last years Erin Condren planner. Whatever works ;-).

I didn’t want to make a goals page or notes page for my first month, I was striving for super simple-ness (although I kinda wish I had left a blank page now). I made this super easy and plain calendar that I think is so minimalistic. The easy banner design added a lot to the month and was a two minute thing. As i’ve said before, I crave efficiency and while I do appreciate the aesthetic that detailed pages give off, I believe it would be extremely counterproductive in my own life.

For my weekly spread I once again didn’t try fancy fonts, I just stuck with what I knew and loved (If you would like the exact measurements of everything I will leave them at the end of this post).Β I also made a little “taped paper” space to possibly write To-Dos or Goals for the week, I don’t know yet. I also included a quote about education by Socrates appropriately for the first week of classes.

Now I have 103 blank pages that I am so excited to fill with memories, ideas, and thoughts. I hope you decide to join me in this journey for my bullet journal and tune in to the monthly updates I will be making. Now here are the measurements.

Top monthly header: ~1 inch
Each day: 1.5 x 1.5 inches

Weekly header: ~ 1 inch
Daily Spread: ~1.75 inches

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  1. This is great! LOVING that Socrates quote πŸ™‚

  2. This is so cool and it’s been really helpful in showing me how the whole ‘bullet journal’ thing works as I see it all the time on Tumblr and want to do it but I’m never sure how… so thank you for this post πŸ™‚

  3. I am so in love with this journal. Can’t wait to see the rest throughout the school year!

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