India in 8 Photos


I just visited India these past few weeks, and it was amazing! I met some family and went to many temples and ate great food. I also took lots of photos on my iPhone that I think do a great job of allowing people to visualize India. Now a little disclaimer, I am all for not generalizing and I don’t want to understate the Indian (my) culture. So I want to mention that these photos just capture an essence of my experience of India. It is a beautiful world filled with color, festivity, and spice something that can’t be captured with the best camera in the world. With that, let’s begin!

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My view of Mumbai, India or better known as the city of dreams. It is notorious for housing some of the biggest Bollywood celebrities. Because of Monsoon season, my view was clouded but that was actually making this look very breath-taking!


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If you are a friend of mine, you know my obsession with farm animals and if you know my family, you know where it stems from. My family has a farm with a baby buffalo and baby cow (behind). This beautiful baby buffalo was super curious and a little nervous around me. Just look at his adorable blush!!

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This is Tiger. If you have been to India, you will know the immense stray dog problem that exists there. This dog was previously a stray that was taken in by a family. And now just look at his adorable little shy smile!

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India has always been a “farmer’s country.” And because my family comes from farmers, fresh organic food has always been a top priority. Whenever I visit India, I love visiting markets and seeing the freshness of the food there. Sometimes, we would go to the farm to pick up some coriander to made a recipe.
Going on with the theme of fresh food, there is always organic food making. Here we were making the corn and adding spices and salt and lemon for the best corn in the entire world. Truly.

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Fresh onions from my family’s shed.

Aside from regular farmland, my family also has a LOT of almond trees. For the first time in my life, I got to taste fresh almond and believe me when I say this: There is nothing in the world compared to fresh food. Add 10 x the preservatives but you will NEVER catch the essence of fresh food.
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This last photo is of a temple near my home. The ‘Om’ symbol is very important in my life. I have many bracelets and just representations of that word in my life. It is important to me because it reinforces my belief in positivity and peace being the greatest achievements in anyones life as well as practice of ahimsa which is the practice of not hurting anyone or anything.


Thank you for reaching the end of this post. I also made a video of my trip to India:


See you guys soon!

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