Blogger’s Summer Bucket List


Summer is a great time to explore and learn things you can’t during the school year due to monumental amounts of homework. I especially love DIY’ing and teaching myself new things that are fun and a way to spend time at home. I have also started a lot of the things on my bucket list so I decided to share those with you all as well. I hope you enjoy and get inspired to try something creative today as well! Enjoy!

  1. Faux calligraphy + hand lettering
    So, I have a study blog on tumblr (you can follow me here) and the students on there have the most beautiful and calming cursive. I think it is always a great skill to have beautiful handwriting because even though we are in a technological age, writing is a skill that will never go out of style (yes I sang that like T. Swift’s song). Above is my attempt at pretty “fonts.”
  2. Make homemade Ice cream:I have heard about homemade ice cream in my bio classes, but I have yet to try and make it. So, this summer I thought would be the perfect time to try!
  3. Read 15 booksI have loved reading since I was little, but because of all my classes, I never get to read throughout the year. So this summer I put aside time to relax and read (do I sound like a grandma? I swear i’m only a teen!)
  4. Film and edit videosAnother pleasure of mine, I love capturing moments in the world. I just got my all powerful Mac for my birthday so I am excited to practice filming and editing.
  5. Learn how to draw fashion models (oh no)
    Okay, so I used to be a little obsessed with Project Runway, and I envied the fashion designers ability to sketch models so quickly! I wanted to self teach myself the basics… and for the first time I was kinda, sorta proud of myself!
    If you put me in Michaels Craft store and gave me $500 I would be a happy human being. I absolutely love arts and crafts and I have been saving a bunch of ideas from Pinterest to try and DIY! Expect a DIY post soon!
  7. Road trip (document!)
    My family and I may or may not be going on a vacation soon and I really wanted to document it so (once again) I could practice my filming and editing skills.
  8. Exercise
    Yeah I don’t really see this one being a big hit but I am really going to try and be able to do 100 sit ups and 50 squats. It’s a challenge, trust me.
  9. Create a custom calendar
    I have done this one and I am so proud of myself for it! It took about 1 hour and I think it turned out great follow me on my tumblr blog (follow me here) for a free printable soon!
  10. Summer 2k16 Pool Party
    I want to have a day with my friends where we have lots of fun, and what better way to do that than have an epic pool party complete with pizza and all?!




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  1. I used to be amazed at how fast people on Project Runway could draw their models. I mean, isn’t it enough that they’re extremely talented at creating outfits? Do they really need to be super talented at drawing too? It’s so unfair, haha!

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