My Top Six Movies


I have literally been so uninspired recently, so I asked a friend of mine to pick out a topic for me to write about. She suggested movies, so today, I bring to you, my top 6 movies. Also this post is dedicated to Rachel, who so thoughtfully curated this topic for me! Also side note, 3 of these are English and the other 3 in Hindi. Let me know what your favorite movies are in the comments! Enjoy!

  1. The Jungle Book (Original)MI0002787372
    I love the Jungle Book because it is such a sweet story! I unfortunately haven’t had the pleasure of watching the newer version of the movie (ugh, tests!) but I have a very big place in my heart for Baloo the Bear. This is just a beautiful adaption from Rudyard Kipling’s original installation of the book.
  2. Jumanji
    My friend (to whom this post is dedicated) had never watched this movie before, so I invited her over so we could watch it. And I think its safe to say she liked it! But anyway, it’s a classic story of a board game that came to life and a boy even got stuck in it! It follows their story and the continuation of the game.
  3. UP
    This is a classic. I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like this movie because it’s just adorable! And also who wouldn’t want to live in a floating house. When I watched this as a kid, I would do actual calculations of how I could make our home float.
  4. Student of the Year
    This is my favorite cliche, chick-flick movie (It is in Hindi, though). It has senseless drama, a little bit of love, dancing, Β and teen-friendly plot. Its about a friend group who attends a prestigious college (think Princeton), but their torn apart by rivalry and competition because of a ‘Student of The Year’ contest. This shows their journey in their senior year of college. It’s full of heartbreak guys! But the scene above is my favorite! What happens is, the girl in the pinks like “Hey did you red wine stains don’t come out in the wash right?” to the girl in white, and the girl in whites like “um, whats your point?” And then the girl in pink dumps all the red wine on her. Never gets old.
  5. PK
    This is one of those genius, hilarious, and thought provking movies that deserve so many awards. This story is about an alien who comes to earth (the man above) and sees things far different from his planet. He meets the girl (shown above) who is showing him around. This movie has a religious base, it talks about how all the religions in the world shouldn’t be what separate us rather the joining features, they should show just how amazingly diverse human faith can be and that should be cherished not fought over. And this alien proves this on his short visit to earth. I love this movie because it made me think, love, laugh, cry, and believe.
  6. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
    tumblr_nbe8884ivx1st6uwio1_500This is a love story/coming-of-age story/adventure story/classic indian love story. And one that I adore (much to my parents dismay, they think it has a boring plot, but I am riveted by it). It features a girl who is studying hard to be in the medical field, but also not enjoying her life. One day after meeting a classmate who is going on a spontaneous trip to the snow capped mountains, she decides to tag along and leaves a note for her parents. Here she meets a guy named bunny (a nickname), and her life changes, at first she hates him, he is outgoing, sporty, a player even (everything she’s not). But overtime they start liking each other. I’m not going to give away the ending but it’s not typical love story. They don’t end up falling in love right away at all. If you can speak hindi I highly suggest it. If you can’t, I would find a english subtitled version and watch it!

    SO, these are my top 6 favorite movies of all time, if I had to pick my current favorite movie, it would definitely be the last one. What can I say? I love a good love story! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite movies are!

    Have an amazing week!
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  2. Hey! Great post – it was really cool to read about your favourite movies as I love movies and am always open to potentially new ones to watch! πŸ™‚ By the way my favourite movies are ‘LOL'(which is a kind of love story and it’s got a great cast!) and ‘The Maze Runner’ (with the best cast EVER!) πŸ™‚

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