Spring Lifestyle Update

It is now well into the Spring season (though it doesn’t feel like it) and I am so excited to get my room/life ready for Spring. I love adding pastel pieces as well as lots of greenery. I hope you guys enjoy the peek at how I have prepared for Spring! Let me know down in the comments how you are organizing/decorating for warmer weathers!

  1. Plant Life                                               Nothing screams Spring quite like introducing plant life into your home, it may seem cumbersome but it can make SUCH a difference! Even if you feel like you are a plant killer and somehow manage to kill every plant you get your hands on, try again! I recently discovered some super easy kits that come with everything you need (dirt, seeds, pot) and you just as water. I got one for a strawberry plant and a tomato plant for $1 EACH (.88 euros if you’re European). I don’t have to buy anything separately, I just followed the instructions and 1 1/2 weeks later baby plants started showing up. It really opens your space up and can have many good effects in your day to day lifestyle.
  2. Inspire Yourself– board DIY
       I have my inspiration board out year round but I like to change it up for the seasons, and I have really focused on letting out positivity this season. No color scheme; just anything that makes me feel positive and showcases my good memories. I have photos of family, tickets, magazine cutouts, quotes and a BUNCH of other random things. It’s awesome to have a DIY that you can change whenever you feel like it!
  3. Cheap, cheap decor
       When I say cheap, I mean cheap! Less than $3 cheap. Michael’s has a lot of hidden gems that are amazing room decor and would cost a fortune at Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie. Case in point, this beautiful bunting that was lying in their bins for 1.98 (I think) and even cheaper with their daily 40%-50% coupons. It was fun to make and a great addition to my room.
  4. Spring Cleaning
      I don’t partake in a specific spring cleaning day, but it is always nice to clean around my desk (aka my life) and have it minimal. So I just suggest using the Konmari method of cleaning, which is known to help a lot of people despite its strange nature.

Thank you for reading! And don’t forget to leave a like and let me know how you guys ring in the Spring Time!
Have an amazing week!

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  1. I’ve recently bought a couple of succulents and they’re looking so cute on my windowsill!! XD #4 applies to me so much…

  2. They really do brighten up spaces! And I don’t do spring cleaning but sometimes I do get random bursts of cleaning spirit where I have to reorganize everything! Haha!!
    Thanks for reading!

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