Six Places I Want to Visit


Often times in my life I have felt wanderlust, which is the intense urge to travel and see new places. And today, for some reason, was worse than others. Maybe it was because I was watching vloggers on YouTube in London and San Diego? I don’t know. But either way, it inspired me to put together a list of the top six places I would want to visit (after spending hours upon hours on Pinterest and Tripadvisor) and a specific activity I would love to do. So here they are in no specific order! Also comment where you guys would love to visit! Or if you have been to one of my listed places.

  1. Shopping in Milan
    Milan is Italy’s fashion capital, they are known for their beautiful malls filled with Versace, Prada, and other label galore. I would love to just witness and go window shopping! Also can you imagine the photo potential at such a beautiful mall.
  2. Borough Market in London
    This market I accidentally discovered on the vast internet, and I immediately fell in love. It’s like a weekly market (I am guessing) where there are a bunch of stalls. You can buy fresh cheese, meat, and maybe vegetables. They also make fresh food which is always a great idea. They also have the occasional violin player entertaining the hundreds of people that come out.
  3. Lavender Fields in France
    When I was younger I loved everything lavender. I have perfumes, powders, oils and of course flowers. Today they aren’t my favorite flowers but I hold the scent close to my heart. So these Lavender fields in Provence France are perfect, now to get a pillow and blanket and snuggle up and never leave, yeah?
  4. Cabins in Bern, Switzerland
    My mother has always wanted to visit Bern, capital in Switzerland. It is kind of like Venice, but it is a beautiful magical town that seems to be a geometrical HEAVEN. Look at the perfect snow-capped houses. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with family in front of a beautiful scape whilst drinking hot chocolate?!
  5. Elephant Riding in Jaipur

    I love India, it is the birthplace of modern medicine (hello, turmeric) and Jaipur is so beautiful! And there is a palace (Amber Palace) where you can ride a elephant all the way to the top! I’m sorry that sounds incredible!

    6. Skyscrapers in Dubai

    Dubai is known for its beautiful-higher-than-cloud-nine skyscrapers. The photos give me an euphoric feel, I can only imagine how being on them would actually feel. I’m sure nothing less than being on the top of the world. Not to forget their amazing technology and food, their lifestyles are incomparable.


So any feelings of wanderlust yet?! I would love to know where you guys want to visit and where you have already been. Let me know down in the comments so we can chat!!
Until next time!
(Disclaimer:These photos were not taken by me the credits link underneath takes them to their original location)


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  1. All those places look fantastic! You just added them to my bucket list haha I’ve always wanted to go to the Himalayas. It sounds odd, but it really does look like a magical place haha

  2. Borough Market!! That looks so cool. I’ll have to check that out if I ever get over there. 🙂

  3. Yass, Milan and Dubai!! Australia sounds pretty fun too! 😀

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