What’s In My Travel Bag?!


First of all sorry, if I could somehow put in words how crazy these past weeks have been, I would but there are literally no words to explain how much I abhor missing blog post Wednesday’s. There’s an SAT word for ya! Anyway, since I have been doing so much travelling I figured I would write about my travel bag (which I have used twice in the past week, and will use at least once every week), and show you guys an unfiltered view of my travel essentials/things I carry. So I hope you enjoy!
PS: To make up for the fact that I missed Wednesday posting Day, I am posting today and this coming Wednesday, and a hint about that post is at the end. So stay tuned!


1) Here is the backpack, it is a Madden Girl bag which is a sister brand to the more familiar Steve Madden company. I believe it was from Macy’s for $28-ish, but unfortunetly, I cannot find it on the site. This back pack is amazing quality and it can fit a decent load of stuff. And I am going to show to the decent load of stuff in it right now…


2) Pretzels!!! The event I went to gave out pretzels and of course I featured them. They’re not my favorite but what can I say, I love salty foods.

 3) Lip Products: These were the two lip products I took with me. The Vanilla Mint EOS is my basic lip balm that I take with my literally everywhere. I love its reliability. The lipstick is a Revlon color lipstick which was for the special occasion and I packed it just in case. If you don’t like sparkles… DON’T get this, but if you do, you’ll love it.   Revlon in Crystal Mauve

Essentials: These are the essentials for me. A Bandaid for clumsy me, hair ties and bobby pin because you nevver know when you (or someone else) will need one, Island White Pineapple Sanitizer from Bath &Body Works, Makeup remover is good to have because sometimes you just need to clean your face and this is great for that, lastly a mini lotion because clammy hands are not cute. The makeup remover and lotion are from a hotel room. Literally, my favorite part of going to hotels is their cute little vanity tools.
 Lastly, My Lilly Pulitzer notebook, some pens/pencils, a sticky notepad which for some reason had urdu & arabic written (I think it was trivia question answer), and lastly a name tag with my name on it. In case you don’t know me… HELLO, my name is Apeksha G. (-;

Thanks for seeing the inside of my book bag with me! I hope you liked this last minute post. And for the next post, your hint is: DESKS, see you guys this Wednesday.
Have an amazing day!

IG and Twitter: apekshaxg




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  1. LOVE THE BAG! and salty foods are a must x

  2. Omg I love this so much! Great post!!

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