Weekend Morning Routine 2016

I am so so so excited about this post, and only because of the photos. I took all of these myself, and edited them myself. It makes me feel really proud! So I hope you enjoy the pretty pictures. I tried doing a different idea this time, like telling my morning story with pictures, a few quotes, and 1 or 2 sentence descriptions. I hope you enjoy this different [and time consuming] kind of post.

rose quote
This is such a great quote to start your morning with. To not get hung up on distresses from the day before and start each day with a fresh mind and point of view.

shower gel
I actually just bought this from Bath & Body Works and I love it. It smells like fresh linens and tea, just perfect for a weekend routine.

I got so many Winter/Christmas related lotions and soaps over Christmas break, and I am just pulling them out now. Right now I have been using this adorable lotion, it definitely smells winter-y with its pine filled yet cheerful scent.

On the weekends I like to be comfortable, mainly becuase we do a lot of errands in our household on the weekends (I’m wearing this as I type this up). So just a simple pair of Levi’s, A sweatshirt that is so comfy, and so cute from Kohls, and my regular crossbody which is super old. Lastly these amazing shoes/boots which are SO COMFORTABLE!


Occasionally, I listen to my morning playlist on Spotify because music just makes everything ten times better. This particular morning, I was listening to Little Mix and Sam Smith.

Breakfast time! On weekends I normally have cereal or coffee and cookies. And I really adored this quote I found on the internet, sadly I don’t know who wrote it.

I love to read, I always have, so on weekends I try to carve out some time in the mornings to read. It’s really refreshing when I can sit down and read a crazy psychological thriller (my favorite genre).

Well, this is the end! But only until next week! So if you want to see more of my crazy ramblings follow and let’s chat in the comments! What are your morning rituals?
Have an amazing day!

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  1. Great post! It sounds like you make the most of weekend mornings šŸ™‚ The pictures are fab, and I love that mug! Did you buy it like that or decorate it?

    Can you recommend any psychological thriller books for the lazier reader? Haha. I love those kind of books, but never know which ones to pick x

  2. I love listening to my Spotify playlists in the morning! It makes me feel so much more awake. Also, when I listen to music in the morning I catch myself singing it all day, even though I am a terrible singer! Do you like the shower gel scent? I am always looking for a new scent to try out, or an excuse to buy more. šŸ™‚

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