My Top 3 Money-Saving Apps

One thing nearly 97% of the human population has in common is the will to save money, we all like– or are forced to– save money. The other 3% includes people like the Kardashians who have more money than they could ever spend in their entire life. So today I am going to show you some of my favorite money saving apps and hacks that I have used over the years and they have helped me SAVE. Because unfortunately (or fortunately?) I am not like the Kardashians. Hope you enjoy!
*this is NOT a sponsered post; all opinions are my own!

  1. ibotta app
    This is an instant rebate program kind off app. If you have ever used shop kicks it’s kind of similar, just a bit cooler in my opinion. So it has a certain list of store and products (which includes: Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s and 100s of others), and when you buy them you can verify rebates (they are small but they add up quickly) you get money. After you earn $20 you can get cash via Paypal or when you get $25 you can get gift cards for starbucks, Walmart, Regal cinemas and lots of other locations. I just got my $25 gift card to Regal Cinemas and I am SO excited to use it. You can sign up using my referral code to have a chance to earn a welcome bonus.
    My code/link:
  2. Starbucks app
    Even if you hate coffee and Starbucks you will want to listen to this: it can help you save money. Every week, Starbucks offers a pick of the week which can be a song, app (most likely), or subscription. I have gotten all at least once. And these apps would regularly cost you money. Last month I recieved an app called mindnode which was $10 on the app store and got it for free via the Starbucks app. So free apps and member perks?! Heck yeah!
  3. Wattpad
    If you like reading you are about to find your new favorite app. This is an app for self publishers (so you CAN write, but you don’t have to) who enjoy writing. It has LOTS of genres and its extremely addicting. Basically all the books are free and you get to interact with the author. I love this app, because once you add a book to your library you can read it offline. If you commute on noisy buses, trains, or just have a bit of spare time alone, this is a great app to discover fan fics or great books in general. I warn you it is really addicting, because of the way its set up, you can comment on any part of the book, so you can add in your *reaction* and see what other people thought. I recommend “Fatal Alliances”  by Celine Mahedo, it will have you hooked.

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks *hurried* post. I have been bogged down with so many responsiblities recently it is crazy, and next week I may not have a post up becuase of my crazy schedule and my priority which is schoolwork. And it sucks that I just started to get lots of traffic on my site(thank you!) and I can’t post but a few more months until summer. And this year I am going to do two posts a week so get ready! Hope you guys have an amazing week! See you [hopefully] next week!


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