5 things I wish I knew when I started blogging


If you read my last post all the way to the end, you’re probably staring warily at the computer screen and shaking your head. I know I had “announced” that my next post would be a January favorites post but it did not work out. It’s saved in my drafts and it’s utter crap. I can never enjoy doing “favorites” posts and one of my resolutions was to put out only things I loved on my blog. So, change of plans, today I am doing 5 things I wish I knew when I started blogging. There are A LOT of things I wish I knew before I started this blog, and I am going to share it with you. Let me know what you would have changed on your blog when starting in the comments! Enjoy!

  1. Pick your blog name carefully!
    I really wish I had thought well and long before sticking with “Professional Teenager,” in the beginning it was just a short time hobby so I didn’t think I would be doing it one or two years later. I would love to change it to my name so that it was unique and personal. After all, I am not going to be a teenager forever!
  2. Readers can smell BS.
    When I was starting out, I took a lot of inspiration from other popular bloggers and pinterest. They were all chatting about makeup and the real leather Celine bag collection. I don’t own anything Celine let alone a collection. And I pretty much suck with makeup. I think that was what stopped a LOT of followers. People can tell when you aren’t being authentic. Ever since I’ve left in my petty ramblings (like the intro) people started following.
  3. Blogging isn’t about being famous.
    I had a misconception that I was going to log onto this magical internet-verse and post a couple of posts and people were automatically fall in love with my posts and I would be famous and go to the red carpet and fall in love with Harry Styles and the rest would be history… right? WRONG! Blogging is a lifelong commitment, that is if you really want your community to grow, kinda like you’re getting married to your blog.
  4. Editing is a MUST!
    Self editing, whether its with pictures or my posts, it is really important to re-evaluate what you are doing. I like to plan out posts on notebook and then type and then edit. It’s a process people! 
  5. Make friends, keep friends.
    We’re all trialing and learning, so making blogger friends is not a bad idea. I love finding people on WordPress who are interested in the same things as me. Speaking of this, I would love to collaborate with giveaways, posts (east meets west style book maybe?), One Day Blog take over, and I am open to new ideas (lets chat in the comments section over virtual tea and scones? My treat! Or we could DM on Twitter.)

I am pretty sure this is the biggest post I have ever written on my blog. I hope you guys liked it. And for realsies, if you would like to collab or chat, lets talk!
Have an amazing day!


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  1. I love this! We should collaborate sometime 🙂

  2. thehomemakerslife January 20, 2016 — 10:57 pm

    Love your honesty!:)

  3. so accurate! i’m a little under my first year of blogging, and i can already agree with all your points!
    great blog, just gave u a follow! would love if you’d follow me as well 🙂

  4. You changed your theme. Looks sharp. Loved the post.

  5. just found your blog..BUT I LOVE IT. totally agree with all these points; its crazy blogging is almost like a skill you get better at

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