Using My 2016 Planner!


Last week was the first week that I used my planner is school and it definitely felt strange. My adoration for planners is relatively new so this year I decided to go with a cute planner from target, it was $15 and a BIG difference from my Erin Condren planner last year (you can buy it here ). So let’s get into it shall we?!

This is what the weekly layout looks like, and it is spread out over two pages.

My monthly spread for the month of January, but of course, in true student fashion it is always subject to change.

One of my favorite quotes, I read the book  [Life of Pi] over summer break and I absolutely adored this quote!

Part of my monthly spread, I thought the lettering was very fancy!


2nd part of the weekly spread!

Lastly, this is how the planner looks closed. I think it’s so funny how I got this planner before the 2016 Pantone colors of the year were announced and it matched up perfectly with the pink! Also yes these pictures were taken outside (except for the first one) because the lighting at home is awful!

And next weeks post will be my January Favorites (first one of 2016!) so get excited!

Have an amazing day/week!


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  1. Lovely post! I love getting a new planner and being able to start getting organised.
    If you could check out my blog I’d really appreciate it:
    Abigail xx

  2. Gorgeous photos love this post hunny xx

  3. I love this! Wish we had a Target here. Although I just bought a planner too. Great post. I feel your pain about home lighting – I live forever in the shade! x

    • Thanks! What type of planner did you get? And the home lighting struggle is going on forever, it’s so difficult to find a day with just the right amount of sunlight. Blogger probs! Haha!

      • Haha! I got a Collins Personal Planner for everyday life, but I’ve just gone a little overboard and bought a bloggers planner ( I’m so forgetful and have lists and post its everywhere so I’m pretending they’ll help 😉
        Right?? Especially when in working as I get home and it’s dark! X

      • I just looked up the bloggers planner and it is gorgeous! I kind of like it better than my planner! There’s always next year;) You should do a review! I would love to read it!

      • It does look beaut, but I do think it’s quite expensive so hoping it’s worth it. Yours is perfect though, and a bargain! I definitely will do a review. I plan to do one of both. The word plan seems to be a theme here! I need to ‘do’! Xx

      • Haha! Can’t wait to see them!

  4. Love your new theme Apeksha! And your pictures are gorgeous!!!!!(Especially the first one)

  5. thehomemakerslife January 20, 2016 — 10:58 pm

    Love its simplicity!:)

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