Re-styling My Desk


The holiday season is behind us and has left behind a huge mess in its wake. We had people over, and throughout it all, I just put everything on my desk. My pending school work, my presents, bows and ribbons. Anything and everything. This led to a beautiful mess and eventually no place to work. So I took some time last weekend to “re-style” my desk (you guys know how obsessed I am with my desk). I changed it from overcrowded to simple and open. Not quite the minimalist vibe I was hoping to achieve but its getting there! I have the end result of how my desk looks now and the last picture is how it looked before organization.

Have an amazing day!


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  1. Your desk looks so neat! πŸ™‚ ((haha, desk goals))

  2. Your desk looks great! Love the idea with keeping pens in mason jars, it looks so pretty. Hope you have a wonderful day. xx

  3. Beautyandthelook January 8, 2016 — 5:20 pm

    Your desk looks really cute and neat, I love it! πŸ™‚ xx

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