Thanks & see you next year!



credits to owner (found on pinterest)


The last day of 2015! I absolutely cannot believe that this year is OVER! I say this every year but it has been the best year yet. It’s really going to be hard to top it with 2016. I hit 160 followers on this blog and over 300 on Instagram (apekshaxg). I won competitions for Public Speaking. Went Kayaking in the Autumn time, which was a first but definitely not a last.

Went to India over the summer, and visited the Taj Mahal and HELD A BABY GOAT. Rode a camel ride, bought lots of yummy snacks but the best moment(s) were with my baby cousin that I saw for the first time.

Overall, I would say that it was a crazy amazing year. Not just these big memories, but the small moments made everything amazing. From pool party with my French club friends to grand March for prom.

Thank you for sharing these moments with me! See you all in 2016! And let’s hope next year is just as amazing!


credits to june letter studio


Have an amazing day!

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  1. I love your pictures and I’m glad I got to spend 2015 with you! Hope this year is just as awesome! 🙂

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