I’m on Twitter (and I’m on a following spree)!


What?! I finally got over myself and made a twitter.
Why yes I did.
And you should totally follow me, you know why? Because 20 years along when I become an expert tweeter (is that even a word… I don’t know), you guys can remind me of my totally awkward, and embarrasing first tweets (even though I think they’re pretty awesome right now). That’s what friends are for, am I right?

Also I’m following back FOR EVERYONE! So even if you post carrot facts, I will follow back. Just please don’t break my heart and unfollow. Let’s be friends and chat! Yeah? So gooooo! (It’s night time here so I may be asleep, so I will follow back as soon as I wake up).

Have an amazing day!

Instagram: apekshaxg



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  1. Hey, great post! My Twitter and Instagram is @SINACHIBLOG 😁

  2. Heya! Welcome to the world of twitter – we’ve been expecting youπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚
    My twitter is: @kristyhart_
    Instagram: @kristyhart_x
    Would love to chat to you on there
    My blog: http://www.kristyhart.wordpress.com πŸ’œ
    Kristy x

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