Autumn Essentials 2015 || beauty, fashion and, more!


I finally had the chance to sit down and take semi-good photos and I am super excited to share them with you. These are some of my autumn essentials (and a more aesthetic approach to them), I only have a few at the moment so there may be a part two in the very near future. Also on my  Favorite Bloggers post I got over 35 likes which is insane because that is a first for me (thanks!). Enjoy!

It was a chillier-then normal day out so I wore one of my all time favorite cable knit sweater. It’s blue with white stripes and a tiny bit oversized [unintentionally]. It’s from Forever 21 and I absolutely adore it!

This should be like the big reveal of our pumpkin carving. Myself and my mother carved it and since its our first time carving a pumpkin, I would say we did pretty good! Obviously Jack-O-lanterns are a must for Fall.

I love reading magazines (or anything at all) and this just came in the mail the other day, so it was a perfect time to chill out and read it! My notebook with the lanterns on it is where I write all my crazy ideas. Future plans, blog post ideas, story ideas, short stories, anything I can think of really.

This was my favorite for the Spring time a while back and it made it to my faves once again, It is by Covergirl and I think it works great to lengthen lashes. How do I know? Well I used this one morning and the entire day my lashes were bumping into my glasses lens. So take my word on it, they make lashes look super long.

This is the Pear and Cahsmere Woods Autumn scent by Bath and Body Works. I love it because it’s not too sweet and in your face like their sugar vanilla scents or the summer-y pineapple scents which are literally a punch to your nose/smelling-senses.

I am going to be honest with you, I have never used this on my nails before. I got it from Sally Beauty, and it doesn’t really have a brand name to it but it looks like a pumpkin! And the color is as well (the colors a bit altered on the computer screen). I looks really great though, and fun fact the color is called “pumpkin.”

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This post is not sponsored, I bought all of the items myself. Thanks for reading my weirdo opinions!


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  1. Super cute photos girl! ❤ Love this x

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