A Trip to the Farmers Market

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Hey lovelies!

Last weekend we (family and I) went to the farmers market and I took a bunch of photos, but I completely forgot about posting them onto here. So here are the photos a week late (better late then never, amirite?) Enjoy! 🙂


We started out just going to the farmers market for milk, and slowly we started trying organic (local grown) eggs, and vegetables. I’m not lying, I could taste the difference, especially in the eggs. And the Okra (1st picture) was so fresh, you could feel the thorns where the stem would be.

Our most recent purchase was organic, local honey, and it tasted so fresh and different from the store bought one (price for the organic honey was $12 for 12 oz). Farmers markets may be more expensive, but the quality covers for that. There are no preservatives (at least for our framers market) for additional shelf life, and its a local business.

So you’re doing good because you’re supporting local businesses and what you are putting into your body is healthier. If your budget allows, I would definitely try it out! Plus you’ll get pretty Instagram photos (;
Really though, aren’t these photo’s beautiful?!

Have an amazing day!

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