Desk Update for Fall!


This past Wednesday was officially the Fall Equinox, and if you’re not a science person, it means shorter days, longer nights or basically Fall. So, at the change of every season, I like to update my desk and change it all up. Here are the changes I made! Enjoy!


I had a ton of blue tones on my inspiration board for the Summer time, and I really wanted to change that for Fall. 


As you can see super light airy and summer-y, so to counter act that I cut out some darker autumn tones. One aspect of my boards is that I like adding things throughout the season to see it come together, so my board isn’t finished yet!


Please excuse these photos it’s been quite rainy here and the lightings been sorta blah. 


1. For my desk I added a sparkly “A,” which is next to my 2015 good memories jar, which I’ve kept up with and I’m so excited to read them on NYE! 

2. As you can see I took out many of the blue tones which I associate with Summer and put in neutral and pale tones. My favorite is definitely the “don’t worry, Beyoncé”. All of these are from magazines and such.

3. Just a glimpse of everything I’ve added. I want to keep his palate for winter so I am trying to make it as neutral as possible. 

I also added some lights (which will be part of a future post), and a faux leaf Garland which cost a grand total of $2 to make. DIY Leaf Garland . 

That was a brief look at my desk for Fall I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Let me know what other fall posts you’d like to see!

Instagram: apekshaxg

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