What’s in my Vera Bag?!

Hey lovelies!

I spend a fair share of my time on Pinterest obsessing over gorgeous Celine bags, and cute Rebecca Minkoff clutches, but when it comes time for cuteness and durability– I go for Vera Bradley. Recently, I got this gorgeous tote bag, and I’ve been using it nonstop! Perfect for if I’m gathering up my school work and going to the library (or Starbucks;)).
P.S. thanks for all the love on Instagram, so many of you sweet readers have followed me there!  (if you’re not following you totally should: apekshaxg)

I completely forget what the pattern was called but I got it for $25 (on sale, it’s originally $50).

Here’s everything that’s in there (it’s organized because it’s new, my bags never stay this organized!):





1. My essentials, I must have my Chapstick everywhere I go so I have a couple for each bag. And a sanitizer just in case (this one is called “island white pineapple). Lastly my favorite, Lindor chocolates, they are my favorite chocolates, especially the white choclate. Trust me it’s the way to my heart.

2. Next up, some sunglasses from Aeropostale, a little coin change purse from Vera, and my glasses case (yes I actually need glasses, i’m not trying to be hipster).

3. My planner, this is switched between my bookbag and here. I also sometimes carry my homework in here. Cause #studentlife.

4. Water, like chapstick, is another essential. And this is just a bottle my mother got me from India. It’s much safer for the environment, rather then just throwing away plastic water bottles.

5. This has been the end all be all of wristlets. I literally carry so many things in here. Including a tremendous fortune of 25 cents because once again #studentlife. I got this once again at Vera Bradley, for $27.
*This is not sponsored, all opinions are my own, and I bought this with my own money… I will always tell you guys the truth!

Thank you all for reading this weeks post! I hope you enjoyed seeing inside my tote, if you did, give it a HUGE thumbs up and comment what your favorite type of bag is down below!

Have an amazing day!

instagram: apekshaxg


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