Weekend Inspiration // Sept 11, 2015

Hey everyone!
The week has flown by for me, I have had so many assignments to work on, I’ve been obsessing (quite literally) over gorgeous blogs, and trying to think of new and original content to post on my blog. It’s not that I don’t have ideas, it’s actually quite the opposite, I was too many ideas. And of course the moment I am feeling inspired, my computer doesn’t want to let me transfer photos from my Canon to the laptop (don’t you just love technology?)

I follow some inspirational travel blogs and accounts where people go to different places in the world and document their trip via blog or instagram. I envy their views and experiences, and that’s what this quote reminded me of. This quote also reminds me of my time in India this Summer. We had no WiFi for the 3 weeks we were there and I felt like rather then being disturbed by my phone. In a word I would describe it as euphoric. I felt at peace surrounded my moments rather then material things and my phone. I just wanted to share this quote because it reminded me that I don’t need my phone, and that new subscription box (even though it sounds pretty amazing). I need my friends (you guys included ;-)) and family and the experiences. That will always be my priority.


Have an amazing day/weekend!

instagram: apekshaxg

*Also I take a moment a moment to remember those who were affected this
day 14 years ago. Never forget.


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  1. I cannot even believe it has been 14 years already!

  2. Such a great quote–thanks for sharing 🙂


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