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Hey lovelies!

Summer is quickly drawing to an end, and soon my empty planner is going to be filled with endless projects, assignments, tests, and events. So, I wanted to relive those moments in India (I spent 3 weeks there!) and also share some things my friends brought me from their adventures around the world! P.S. this is my 100th post, yay! Enjoy!

  1. A Gift From Italy
    My friend Rachel went to Italy for vacation and bought me a beautiful bracelet from there. She found it on an island near Venice, called Murano. The bracelet is handmade by the artisans there. The artisans also had a technique (“blown-made”) which was popular in the 14th century, it’s where the glass makers breath into a long pipe to shape the glass and make it into a hollow shape such as a vase. Since the glass makers could use this technique they were given special privileges, but also not allowed to leave Venice so the glass making techniques could be preserved.
    murano {left image source: Huffington Post }
  2. Raddison Blu & Lucky Laughing Buddha
    My family and I checked into the enormous and luxurious Radisson Blu hotel, and we were immediately overcome with the warm smiles and endless amenities the hotel provided. It seemed every hallway had something to offer, a spa service, offices, shops, and even an astrologer! So naturally we decided to go out and explore! We found this gorgeous little shop with trinkets from artisans who handmade their items. I honestly loved everything but I was floored by the little laughing Buddha key chain. In Feng Shui, it is believed that the laughing Buddha is a sign of happiness, luck, prosperity and everything good! I bought myself the key chain and my family and I headed to dinner, where things only got better. At our dinner buffet there were chefs making the food hot and fresh and there was everything from traditional Indian street food to Thai cuisine. And lets not forget the variety in desserts (cakes, cheesecake, muffins, fruits, cookies, chocolate strawberries!). Overall my stay at Radisson Blu was amazing and an experience I will never forget!
    radisson  {left image source: Radisson Blu }
  3. From the street of Paris
    Lastly, a family friend went to Paris, France and she brought back a gorgeous silky scarf. Its black and red and has the major attractions from there (such as Arc De Triomphe). I’m not exactly sure where it’s from but I can imagine its from the a small shop where handmade goods are sold along a cobblestone pathway. I like to use it more as a decor piece instead of a scarf. I drape it across my chair or use it to tie a bow around a lamp.
    poywfin6 poywfin7

I want to thank all my friends for bringing me back a piece of the country they visited, there is just something magical about travelling places. It makes one so much more cultured and the experiences are worth more than any souvenir!
**This post is not sponsored in any way!!

links for more information:
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Have an amazing day!


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