Mini Nail Polish Haul

Hey Beautiful!

This post was originally scheduled for June 19, but never posted, so I am publishing it to my blog right now! Enjoy!

Let me know in the comments: What are your favorite nail polish brands and colors?

nailpolish (2)These are all ones that I got that were by China Glaze. The first one is a base coat and seems to be very nice in quality! The other two are very pretty. The super pink is perfect for summer and the nuetral darker shade is just gorgues with anything and for any season!

nailpolish (1) {in the shade: rich and famous}

nailpolish (3)nailpolish (4)  {in the shade: plum prespective}

nailpolish (7)

{In the shade: Fifth Avenue}

So I hope you liked this post! I took all of the photo’s and they turned out REALLY well! I like that they are super colorful! Anyway, I have also been wanting to do more with my nails so let me know by commenting down below what brands of nail polish are your favorite! Have a lovely day!

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