Review: Neutrogena Salicylic Acid Treatment Pads

I was literally stumped on what to do for this weeks beauty post. I don’t know if it exists for bloggers but an awful post-vacation writers block. After sifting through tons of my favorite lifestyle blogs for inspiration (trust me there are a LOT), I gave up and thought of posting another outfit post. A couple nights ago, I was going through my night routine as usual and realized I was out of my favorite Neutrogena face wipes and I was struck with an amazing thought. ‘THIS COULD BE MY BEAUTY REVIEW FOR THE WEEK.’ And so came the end of my writers block. Or so I hope. Enjoy the review.

What is it?
These are just treatment pads that you can use one or more times daily to stop acne or in my case oily skin (which causes acne).

neut {Photo from:}

This bright orange container is really hard to miss when you walk past it! But it’s very sturdy and very informative. I like that it’s in a container rather then the plastic makeup wipe holder things, it’s very easy to just keep on my bedside and use before going to sleep.

How well it works:
I can confidently say that for me this product has been working exceptionally well. My dermatologist recommended it to me about 1 1/2-2 years ago and I’ve been using it ever since. They have different types of this product so I would really suggest getting an expert opinion on which to use for your skin type.

One of these containers costs about $7.50 (excluding taxes), and comes with 60 pads (I use one every night). For what it does for my skin and the amount, I think its a really good price. Compared to other treatments for acne and oily skin from Olay and L’Oreal, this is an awesome price!

Overall Awesomeness:
Overall, I would give this product a 94%, because it’s something which has been consistently helping my skin and it’s something that has become part of my daily routine. If you pick the correct type of these, I believe they can really be a game changer for you!

**This review is NOT sponsored! All views and opinions are based on how this product has helped me!

Have an awesome day!
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