Organizing my Planner

Hey Beautiful!

A couple weeks ago, I received my Erin Condren Life Planner. Since it was the middle of the year, I figured it would be the best time to buy the planner. The company was having a 40% off sale since it was May and I had a $10 code. So, overall, I got my planner for $27 (including shipping)!

Now that I have had my planner for at least 3 weeks, I feel like I can show you guys how I am  organizing my first ever Erin Condren LP. Of course this is going to change over the course of the year (honestly, I may not even get ECLP next year, who knows?) and I will let you guys know if I make any drastic changes to the way I plan!


So this is my planner, it’s the fish scales design, and I custom designed it to the colors lagoon and white. I also added my first and last name, you can see my first name, but I colored out my last name for this post.

planner (3)planner (6)

This is my favorite pen to use when I am writing on the monthly spread. The ink is so controlled, so my handwriting turns out gorgeous. This is my absolute favorite pen because of the fine felt tip and expensive-looking exterior. The best part is that these pens are quite inexpensive. I got this pen for only $1!! And on office supply you can get one for 88 cents!  {Office Supply: Le Pen}

planner (5)

This is my monthly spread, I hope in the future I can decorate with more Washi tape but for now,  I am just experimenting with different washi tapes and stickers. I would like to establish my own style of decorating soon.

planner (7)planner (8)

This is a weekly spread from a week in May. In the weekly goals and notes, I like to put my to-do list for the week. There is just something so satisfying checking things off as the week goes by. And during the week, unlike many other bloggers and youtubers, I don’t really decorate with a whole bunch of stickers because I prefer the simplicity of the planner.

planner (9)

I also like to plan when I am going to post videos on YouTube or publish blog posts, I just helps me keep organized with all my social media.

I really hope you guys liked this glance into my planner! Let me know in the comments if you have a planner and if so, how you organize it. Do you deocrate? Also I have a $10 coupon for you if you’re going to be buying on Erin Condren for the first time. It gives you $10 off and me some store credit, so we’re all winning here!

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Have a lovely day!


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