Favorite Things Friday

Hey beautiful!

It is finally the end of a stressful week and I am so happy to finally be able to sit down and write something for you guys. This Friday (and hopefully regularly), I’m going to be showing you my favorite things I came across this week. Most of the things will be fashion/makeup related but I will also do music and quotes and food. I hope you like this and look at it like a little rundown of my week! Also don’t forget to tell me about your week in the comments!


1. Starting with this quote by Taylor Swift! It is from the May edition of 17 Magazine. And I really like it! A lot of times I point out flaw within myself forgetting that these flaws are a part of me. I wouldn’t be me without my need for everything to be either annoyingly organized or disastrously messy. That’s just who I am! And this quotes says it all. Maybe my “flaws” will help me do something amazing one day…


My nails in the OPI nail polish shade Hey Baby(;


This song was introduced to me by Ingrid Nilsen , of course not personally– although that would be a dream come true– but on her snapchat and I think it’s a catchy tune. I really haven’t heard other songs by him but I am totally looking forward to it!

    This Covergirl Ready Set Bloom mascara is one of my spring favorites! It’s super long lasting and since its waterproof, it holds the curl [if you do curl your lashes].

 Now you’re probably confused as to why there is a random cat in this post… Well, it was a stray cat who was just so calmly sitting under the shade of the tree and unlike most stray animals, he/she wasn’t scared at all of me. How could I not include the cat? Also the cat isn’t barring it’s teeth at me. I photographed while it yawned! How perfect!

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