Food Diary: salad inspiration

Hello beauties!

A couple days ago, I was really craving a yummy salad but I didn’t have my usual lettuce and croutons. So, naturally, I tried an entirely new salad of my own creation. Here are the details:


In this salad:

•Spinach (as a substitute for lettuce)

•Kidney beans stir fryed with broccoli (for seasonings I added red chili powder)

•cucumber (I didn’t realize I only had one cucumber until I started making the salad.

•carrots, plenty of them!


•CHEESE (Mozarella, my favorite)


It was a nice, filling, salad but I didn’t like the broccoli, next time I would leave that out (I never liked broccoli anyway). The cheese and kidney beans really complimented each other well. So overall I would give this salad a 7.8/10.

P.S. If you have any salad/food suggestions leave me a comment below, I love trying new things! And maybe making a post from it!



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