Closet Organization

Happy Spring!
I feel like people think I am a super organized freak when they take a peek in my planner and room… but then they look in my closet.

So, today i’m going to be cleaning out my closet, and giving you guys some life hacks to keep the closet area de-cluttered. This worked for now, lets hope it stay it works in the long run! Fingers are crossed! (*also only 1 of these photos are mine, because my closet lighting is awful, and the photo’s were really bad so where I got the photo will be linked below photo).


Step 1.
Take out EVERYTHING. In order to organize your closet you have to sort out what you have and clear out the entire space.

Step 2.
This is a bit harder, separate your cloths into three different piles: keep, store away (out of season things), and donate. This is especially hard if you love all your cloths like they’re your babies, ask yourself, “have I worn this in the past couple months?” if the answer is no, off to the donate pile!

Step 3.
Start putting back your “keep” pile one at a time. I like to fold my big chunky sweater and delicate pull-overs because if you put them on a hanger sometimes they stretch out and get bigger. Also when you’re hanging your cloths use a system, I don’t like the color coded system (aesthetically pleasing but not practical for me). I put things in categories, for example all my cardigans one place, all my denim shirts, all my t-shirts, etc. It’s much easier to find what you’re looking for!

{ }
Step 4. Arrange your other things! After organizing cloths, head to accessories and shoes. I keep my shoes in a different area but if you do keep your shoes with your clothes, using storage like this rack from target (). I suggest keeping your in season shoes out so that the shoe area doesn’t get too cluttered. Now for accessories, I keep a jewelry “hanger” sort of thing, I got it from Ross for $10!! Here is a hanging one from Etsy:
Or you could easily DIY one like this tumblr gal:
jewelcloset (Credits to My Brown Box click on photo to visit page)

Now for some closet envy/inspiration!

Seriously, how organized is that?!

This pleases the minimalist part of me!

And remember you don’t need a huge closet to love it and be able to organize, a small non-walk in closet is perfectly fine (like mine). And there is plenty you can do to make it an beautiful place!


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