Minimergency kit

Hi everyone!
Today I’m going to be sharing with you my “minimergency” kit. This is a little pouch that you can literally store anywhere which has daily beauty essentials that I use on an everyday basis. Details about these products and links to where you can buy them are down below!

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*Firstly, this isn’t my actual bag, my real bag is clear and wasn’t showing up well in photos so I used this one.
1. I love having my lash curler and mascara with me because my lashes are straight so they can use a quick touch up at any given time so I keep those at hand(and a hair tie is an obvious essential).
The lash curler is a simple one from E.L.F and Mascara is Flamed Out by Covergirl

2. Lotion, I feel like this is really obvious and essential especailly in this awfully cold and harsh winter. I like to carry this little sample from a hotel. It’s easy to store not bulky and it does the job (it smells nice too!)

3. This next one is sanitizer. This one is from Bath and Body Works and it’s just in London Cherry.

4. The last things are some Kleenex from Walmart (they’re usually by the school supplies), and oil absorbing sheets from Clean and Clear. This things are life savers, they are little silk-like sheets and they absorb all the oil without smudging your makeup! They’re tiny and pretty inexpensive!

5.This isn’t in the pictures but I have miscellaneous items such as bobby pins, more hair ties, and a nail file.

what are your essentials? Tell me in the comments below!

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