The cutest pouch that ever was…

Every year after Christmas I promise myself I won’t procrastinate on gift buying the next year, and next year–gasp– I procrastinate. Usually near this time I’m scrolling pinterest like a madman looking for something that’s acceptable and easy. The only difference this year was I pinned a bunch of DIY’s before December and that has saved me SO much time. One of them was this super cute pouch. I did put my own spin on it and although it wasn’t perfect but it turned out amazing enough.


Isn’t it amazing?! And it is SO easy.

thread (looks better if it matches w/ fabric)
fabric (I used scrap fabric, I had lying around)
button for decorative purposes (optional)

To make this you will need to know one type of basic stitch, I used the blanket stitch. Here is a video to learn it (super easy I promise)!
Here is the link:

For some reason the link isn’t showing up, but if you type it in on YouTube you’ll find it!

1. Turn your fabric inside out then begin to sew using the blanket stitch. We’re sewing from the inside so the ugly thread stitches will be hidden inside (perfect if you’re a beginner).
2. After you sew both sides I folded part of the top down because I thought it looked really cute like that and I picked out a button I liked.
3. Starting from the inside I sewed the button on.

And you’re done!
So cute, I almost kept it for myself.


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