I’m thankful for…

Guess who’s on time? Me! I wanted to get this post up before 12 AM and not be late like I usually am. Firstly, I hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your friends and family! Now here are some things i’m thankful for…

1. I have a roof over my head, food on the table and a loving family. Things that not everyone can brag of.

2. I am healthy and breathing on Earth, something I try to be grateful for every day. Life is a crazy thing, and although sometimes things get hard, we have to remind ourselves that it’s going to get better, just breathe, live and let live!

3. I have friends who love me and understand me like no other, and I don’t think it’s stressed enough how your friends play a big part in how you turn out as a person, so thanks to them for having a positive effect on me! (Hi Emily and Tori!)

4. My teachers, they’ve a huge impact on my life, they help me strive to be better and challenge me to make my best even better!

5. YOU GUYS! I have 60-something followers and that’s not a lot to some people, but that doesn’t matter, the fact that 60-something of you decided I was worthy enough to have in your feed means more than the world to me, and I am SO thankful for my internet fam (Lot’s of virtual hugs and kisses)!

Thanks for all of your lovely comments and time you spend, I love you all and hope you have a safe and love-filled thanksgiving! Bye!

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