Black Friday Hacks!

Hey beauties!
So black Friday is coming up super fast (Thursday @6), and if you’re like me and want to score some pretty amazing things this year follow this super easy shopping hacks to score those adorable new Steve Madden shoes you’ve been eyeing (you deserve it)!

1. Prioritize and do research:
Unless you want to get trampled by the rest of the similarly over-eager black friday shoppers, prioritize and don’t waste time looking at stuff you don’t need (Those kitchen aids are going fast!). Research before you head out, which stores open when and what they’re selling. It helps to do your homework!
**HINT** use sites like for the best deals.

2. Pack HEALTHY snacks:
I don’t know about anyone else, but I cannot shop on an empty stomach and food court lines can be huge and irritating. So come prepared with protein bars, fruit, dried cranberries, and lots of little goodies to keep you going.

3. Strategize with your crew:
Let’s face it there are going to be great deals that are going to be happening at the same time in different stores, to avoid the regret of not getting something, bring your friends and split up, grab your friend that Kate Spade handbag and they can get you that plush Lauren Conrad throw you’ve been wanting!

4. Have fun and be safe:
Have fun while shopping, remember, this isn’t “get everything that looks cool,” it’s the starting of the holiday season, don’t spend it with regrets of what you shouldn’t have bought. And it’s still thanksgiving ‘season’ so be thankful for all you have and most important be safe!



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