Early Morning Hacks (PART 1)

Hi beautiful!
Early mornings can be tough especially if those early mornings are cold and bleak! Here are some helpful hacks for a overall better day!

1. Lay out your cloths: This will not only save you a lot of time in the morning, but you’ll make better fashion choices. In the morning I can barely tell if I’m wearing the same shoes, it’s hard to figure out which patterns go together and vice versa!
Creds to Favim

2. Plan an amazing breakfast: this won’t be possible every single morning of course, but on days you need to wake up early, this will have you excited to get up and eat breakfast.

healthy breakfast
3. Finally… SLEEP EARLIER!!
If that means cutting down on Starbucks and Red Bull, do it. If you go to sleep at 2 am it is possible to get up at 5 am but at the price of your health.

I will be doing a part two to this, which will maybe have one “DIY” project😊!
Hope you liked!

P.S: I changed my insta name to:apekshaxg

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