How to feel better during allergy season!

Fall comes with a lot of amazing stuff. Seasonal allergies is not one of those amazing things. Today i’m going to give you guys some tips to feel better and actually enjoy the magic that is fall!

1. Is there even a better way to feel better than chai? The sweet hot drink is perfect for when your throat is raw and hurts like nothing else. Try this recipe from BuzzFeed (click on photo for recipe, all creds to BuzzFeed)



2. Long Baths are the number one stress busters and work perfectly to get you to chill out! Seriously what is a better way to chill out rather than rest your muscles in lavender-scented warm bath?

10 Detox Bath Recipes- to cleanse, relax, and rejuvenate you.
{creds to:}

3. My mom tells me that you’re more suspectible to a cold with bare feet so some of my fall and winter must haves is fuzzy socks. Aside from being super cozy they are insanely cute and are great for that insta photo(;

socks and coffee makes for a happy girl

4. Smoothie!!!! I have always been a fan of smoothies because the possibilities are endless! You can mix and match diffirent ingredients and fall in love with them 99% of the time! Here is a detox smoothie to not only make you feel less nauseated but make you feel renewed!

Blueberry + Avocado Detox Smoothie

{Creds to Jillian’s blog click on photo for link}

I hope you guys enjoyed these kinda posts, let me know what you liked (or what you didn’t)! Leave me your Sick Day traditions! Have a lovely day!




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  1. Ummm these ideas are amazing! I suffer the worst hayfever and take so many tablets. I live in a tropical place so being cold isn’t the issue its just flowers that are killing me right now. will definitely try some natural remedies 🙂

  2. I really love this post! Not only is it something that’s useful to everyone, but I love how you incorporated photos with links to other things with further info. I particularly participate in the fuzzy socks as soon as fall rolls around! I think it really does make a difference having warm toes. 🙂

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