Have you ever wondered how Taylor Swift could walk effortlessly down the red carpet, or how Rihanna seemed perfectly calm midst the frenzy of media and paparazzi? These celebrity’s have talked about how they’ve struggled with confidence, but if even the most perfect-seeming celebs struggle with confidence then were does that leave us?

That was the question I asked myself, how am I supposed to feel confident? But that was before I made my own answer. Now I am not in any way, shape, or form, saying I have discovered the key to confidence because I haven’t. I have gotten closer to discovering who I am, and isn’t that the goal of our life?

I used to think that confidence equaled trend, and that was more far off then ever. Confidence has nothing to what the new trend is. In fact for me it’s what I like. What makes me feel like I can walk down the street without having to make sure I look ‘alright,’ every two seconds. And honestly some days that could be my favorite jeans and a super comfy sweatshirt with some flip flops, if that means i’m comfortable then i’m all for it.

Confidence is usually categorized with how you dress or look, for me though it’s how I feel. One day if i’m feeling down, I know that I won’t be confident and you can tell through my body language and facial expressions. But if i’m feeling on top of the world, you can bet I will smile and let nothing happen to that smile of mine.

And since we are talking about confidence I want to tell you (yes you!) that not everyday will be amazing and great, and not everyday will be bad. But you have to make every single day worth it. There’s gonna be days when you won’t have energy to smile but how you look at life is gonna determine how you feel and overall is gonna determine your confidence in the big picture!



Credits to Google
Credits to Google

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