Trend report: Denim on Denim

Denim has been around since Levi’s first pair during the Gold rush. Back then it was used for durability and to withstand the difficult conditions of the Gold Rush. Now it’s more of a fashion statement, a classic that will never disappear. Today I will show you how fashion inspirations wear their denim and keep the classy-ness from the 1800’s but still keep a modern touch of chicness!


credits to WGSN

I absolutely adore the the layers on this. I also really like the neutral color palette the blue hues are perfect for fall time. They’re not too boring and add color to your wardrobe!


credits to FabSugar!

Unlike the last outift this denim style is one tone. The one piece that really brings this outfit together are the crazy heels! She kept her outift totally simple so the heels could be the focal point. That’s really important in any outfit. To make sure you’re not overdoing the focal element!



credits to Who What Wear!

This is one of the classiest ones I’ve seen. I love the high waisted: skinny on top but float on bottom style! And she (Miranda Kerr) finishes the look with a flared classic denim shirt!
So cute!

Hope you guys liked!
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