Tips to not stress out!

Hey everyone!
School is officially back in session for most people at least! And along with that comes the inevitable stress of getting everything done. Here are some tips to get everything done and just not stress out !
PS: these tips apply to students and people who work!

1. Whenever you get an assignment that’s due a long time from now, start completing it at that time. More likely then its a big assignment and can’t be finished the night before it’s due.

2. Buy an agenda! Pre-planning can cut your stress in half. When you know when things are due and they are on a calendar, it’s kind of hard to forget. And when you don’t forget you’ve already won half the battle.

3. Have a clean and tidy work space. Nobody wants to work in a filled-to-the-brim desk. Approaching a clean and bright desk will look more tempting to work in rather then a cluttered messy one!


4. Take time for yourself! In the process of trying to get everything done dont forget about YOU!! On a Friday after a long week, pamper yourself! Maybe listen to a calming playlist and take a long bath to de-stress. While it is important to get your work in on time, it isn’t worth forgetting about yourself!


I really hope you guys liked this! If you all want I can do a part two! Show me some love and hit the like button and share with friends who are stressing out!



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  1. Great advice, I am going into final year and thankfully I have learnt how to be organised and plan ahead, thank you for sharing!

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