Ideas to spice up your room (Fall)

It is that beautiful time of the year again, when leaves turn to the beautiful golden shades, and the summer heat cools down to the crisp breeze. My room right now is super summer and I’m gonna show you a few (inexpensive) ways to transform it to cozy chic.

1. Flowers: I must have flowers for all seasons in my room, the fall time is no exception. This year I decided to go with sunflowers, they are so warm and inviting and sets the fall tone!

2. Bedspreads: One of the most important things to change when you want to change your room! Mine is striped so it goes with any season really, but if you don’t wanna buy another set just flip it over! Add some cute favorite/neutral throw pillows to pull it together!

*Fall is the perfect time for pulling out your comfy blankets! (Although right now it’s like 90 degrees outside!

3. Photo Garland: probably one of the most tumblr and used things but I love it! So you need to print of photos from your Instagram or tumblr on photo quality paper. Buy some cloths pins and some twine and boom! you’re very own inspiration. I like to put mine up by my desk but you can put it wherever you want!

Those are just a few ideas to give your room a fall feel! Hope you all liked! I will be posting my Fall Room set soon!

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