Bath and Body Works review

Hi guys!

So I went to Bath and Body Works like last week and every single time I go into the store I can’t not buy something. It’s kinda sad. But that’s not the point. I bought three small things and I wanted to tell you guys what I thought about them!

1. Vanilla Berry Sorbet Sanitize: It’s actually pretty good. Super sweet smelling (if you don’t like super sweet scents stay away), It’s better then I expected but I really love it! My new favorite I think!

2. Stress Relief hand sanitizer: I don’t think this one is a favorite because it’s really strong, one time I put it on in the car and had to open the windows for a while because it was THAT strong. I don’t think I will buy it a second time. Sorry B&BW 😦

3. Peach& Honey Almond lotion: OH MY GOD, I love this lotion so much, it’s not even funny. I have the mini travel size bottle, I got it for school but I am pretty sure it’s gonna be finished before school starts… oops. But really guys, you all have to get it!

That’s it for my first real post since like June! Hope you like it!<3

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