What’s your style (Fashion)?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for a long time know. I have taken countless quizzes online, and the trouble just went on. Then one day I decided that it didn’t have to be like that. I started a Pinterest account and I made a my style board and started pinning things that looked appealing to me, and honestly that has helped me more then any online quiz or any expensive shopping spree would have.

I have finally developed the fact that my style is extremely feminine and super girly. Here were some of my top picks:
1. Blazers- they go with anything!
2. Floral dresses- a wardrobe without a floral dress isn’t complete.
3. Bows/ hair accessories- I love doing my hair in the spring time when I have time on my hands and my hair looks it’s best!
4. Cardigans- they are my thing for sure.
5. Keds- if you don’t have keds go to the nearest Hollister or Shoe store and buy yourself a pair.

And some other things that are essential are jewelry and, statement flats, and the only store that has all of this stuff is Forever 21, I can’t express to you how much I love that store. But yeah if you wanna find out your style here are a few styles that mighttt Fit your style. Just know that I’m not a professional.

If you like…
Long skirts with a bit laid back style and fringe purses- boho chic

Leather jackets, blazers, button up shirts, cute purses and a professional demeanor- classic modern

Bows, oversized sweaters, boots, flowers- girly and feminine

T-shirts, jeans, comfy sweatshirts, boots/ tennis shoes- laid back

Sorry if this sucks but know that I’m not a professional, I suggest getting a Pinterest if you don’t know your style and truth be told, I am
Not sure completely, but I’m getting there. And you will too!

For now bye!

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