Bath&Body Works haul

This weekend I spent almost $30 on stuff from B&BW and I am so happy with what I picked out, I am unable to post pictures at the moment. So here is what I bought:

1. Macaroon scented candle- so when I saw this I needed to buy it cause what’s there not to love? Macaroons and in candle form, I wasn’t gonna leave without it!

2. Cherry London Hand sanitizer- if you know about my obsession over London then you will understand why I bought it… It was a must.

3. Eucalyptus hand lotion- this was my moms choice actually and it was a very good choice, I think it smells great and it even has vitamin a & e, win win situation here!

4. Midnight perfume- it smells heavenly I’m telling you!

Well that’s all I got, it all smelled amazing I can’t wait to use it maybe I will write a review later about my eucalyptus hand lotion. One more thing, I am loving the spring collections for all the stores, amazing I tell you!
Much love

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