Cold Weather& Exam time!

This morning I went outside to wait for my bus as usual, the only difference is that this time I was basically freezing to death. It was 9 degrees but because of the wind it was actually -7 degrees. And yes while most students got off, I went to school wearing as much layers as I could possibly fit on my body.

But that’s not it, since half of the (school) year is over our midterm exams are coming up. And not only one exam but SIX. Not even lying. And with that I have a musical and SGA, Poetry competition, and on top of all that I have to maintain my 4.3 GPA. STRESSFUL! I even have activities outside of school such as a youth group and guitar lessons and volunteer jobs on the weekends. So somehow I am going to have to find time to study and finish my AP homework. Ah the life of a High Schooler.

So whatever happens happens, I have to go with everything, can’t stop now. Stay warm and cozy and wish me luck!

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