Happy New Years (Eve)!

I just wanted to take this time to say HAPPY NEW YEARS (EVE) because in some places it’s already 2014, so here’s to another year.
I cannot believe 2013 has flown by! Just this year I was complaining about how much I hate waking up early and today is already the last day of 2013.

I am so happy for how this year has turned out and I want 2014 to be bigger then this, I want to start a few new things:
•start a new YouTube channel
•update my story more
•focus on school
•eat healthier

Hopefully I actually stick to this but more then ever I want to challenge myself to impossible situations because that’s what makes us stronger and who we are. So today I am going to take this time to rejuvenate and reflect. And to do so I will be going to a family and friends party. There will be a post going up soon about that as well! So cheers to this blog, cheers to your blog and to everything else. To a new start and a beautiful year behind us!



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