New Years Party

Hey everyone! Today I’ve been invited to an New Years party today and I cannot wait to go! But because I was invited on short notice I have so much to do. Since it’s a more casual get-together I picked out a coral colored sweater and a patterned infinity scarf to go along with it. I will be wearing my favorite dark jeans and calf-high gray boots.


But if you are a true fashion lover you know that picking out your outfit is the least difficult part (most of the time). And this year I haven’t done anything to my nails so I need to pick out what I want to do with my nails. I went over to my favorite blog for inspiration and found just what I was looking for.

{Photo Creds to Emily from this blog.

Instead of using gold though I chose blue glitter.

So my nails are ready! Time for make up!

I’m gonna put on Cover girl foundation, Cover girl mascara, light pink Rimmel (London) blush, Cover girl eye brighter, Wet n’ Wild liquid eyeliner, Covergirl lipstick that has a pink tint. If you couldn’t tell I love Cover girl.


So I’m ready I have my outfit on, my nails are ready, my makeup is done and I decided to add a black leather jacket because everything’s better with a leather jacket. Lastly I have to put on my jewelry. I am gonna wear a pair of snowflake earrings that are small and delicate. And also my ring that was featured in one of my past posts
Now I just have to drive to the party!

Hope you liked this post! As usual leave me a follow like and comment? I will do the same!

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