New Years Parties’

Parties can be quite stressful to throw, and I know that good parties need tons of planning. Many people throw parties on New Year’s Day, so I put together the best guide to throw a party. So good luck with your party!

• Find out who you want in your party, is it a girls party? A family party? This is the first and essential step.

• Fix a date- make sure people can actually make it to your party. You don’t always have to send invitations, I usually talk to the people in person, it’s your choice.

• Plan out what your going to do- try to incorporate everyone’s interest and make sure you don’t leave it boring. Empty time invites awkwardness especially if your guests don’t know each other. Plan out games or watch a movie together.

• Plan the food- this is the hardest part for me because I want to make sure I get something that everyone will enjoy so have variety and try things people will like.

• Have music- what party is a party without music? Be sure to pick music that fits the party. And don’t try just one style of music, instead play a little bit of all styles of music.

• Have fun yourself- if the host doesn’t enjoy the party then I can assure you that no one else will. Try to have fun and talk to everyone. If something goes wrong just improvise, it’s not the little things is the big picture!

And last but not least, plan your outfit and clean your home. Although it may not seem important, it’s like first impression. It cannot be changed. Be sure to give yourself enough time and
Don’t stress yourself out!

Have fun!
thanks for reading and all your love! Read, like and comment?



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