My New Favorite Accessory

I can usually say that I am not a very mainstream person, meaning I don’t follow trends because I like mix-matching my own pieces. But this year rings have gained fame and they have stole my heart. Just now I am starting to appreciate the simplicity of rings. Up till today I have had just one ring. And it’s a golden color with a diamond-looking (not a real diamond– I wish but no) stone in the middle. But yesterday I was looking at different styles of rings and one caught my attention.

The thing about rings is that you shouldn’t overdo it. Some people put rings together that don’t go together and it just doesn’t look correct. Make sure to have balance!

I’m going to show you a few rings that are inexpensive but look equally appealing! The first one is from Forever 21 (my favorite shop), and it was $1.80. It is really super simple but looks professional and grown up.

As you can see you don’t need to have sparkly stones on rings to make them look cute. In fact the cutest rings have no sparkly stuff on them! Here are a few links for you to buy inexpensive rings that look amazing!
Cross midi ring set

Hot Pink Cocktail Ring

Rare Ring Set

Stacking Midi Ring Set

If you all want more ideas go to American eagle or Charming Charlie’s! They have amazing rings!
Tons of Other Rings!

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