Things that Suck: cramps

Ladies you all know exactly what I am talking about. We all have that time of month were we want to stick our heads through concrete walls. And trust me it’s not a great idea to argue when I have cramps cause I turn from the princess of chocolates to medusa. With snakes and everything. So I put together things that help me feel better when I have cramps.

none of these are medically proven, they are things that make me feel much better, so try at your own discretion. It’s not anything dangerous as you can tell though.

How to help reduce cramps:
• Eat chocolate (in moderation), and bonus points if it’s dark chocolate!
• Do what you love. Wether it’s reading, writing, drawing, anything.
• Don’t worry yourself about petty things. It makes you even more stressed out
• Pamper yourself; make some hot chocolate and/or coffee
• Don’t eat too much junk food; although this helps people it makes me more tired and droopy
•Take things slow, take your time and make sure you don’t worry yourself.
• Excersise but don’t tire yourself out.

so basically it’s the same thing, chill out and pamper yourself with tons of excersise, although you can’t completely STOP cramps you can make yourself feel better and less tired.

Thanks for reading and sorry for mistakes I am typing this on the bus!



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