Holiday Fashion

As it gets colder outside we all need something warm to wear and more then likely you’re already wearing layers of clothing! Here are some tips to look cute and stay warm at the same time!
*Just because it is winter time doesn’t mean you need to put your skirts and dresses away, in fact wear those with leggings/ tights and layer on a denim shirt with a leather jacket and some cute accessory! 
*I have noticed that a lot of people look washed out in the winter, to avoid that, don’t wear everything dark, instead wear some neutral colors with bright, playful, yet light makeup.
*You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a winter wardrobe instead use the links below to help you find cute things!
*Be sure to have a dress or two in stock for the various Christmas parties that don’t fail to line up and invest in one so you can use in in tons of different ways.

Must- Haves of the season:
*Faux Leather jacket- inevietably the best and most bold jacket every woman (and young lady) needs, it creates mood and is worth the money

*Black Booties- or basically any kind of boots are the must have for every winter season

*V-Neck sweaters- cute and easy to match with almost anything!

*Winter dress- for those parties that are super fun!

Thank you for reading and leave me a comment below!

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