Christmas Inspired Decor (DIY)

I love decorating my room for the holidays and this year I decided to try something different, I saw many DIY videos and tutorials on YouTube but I made my own craft. It’s called the “Bow Chandelier,” even though it’s nothing like a chandelier I like the name! So let’s get started!

You will need duct tape (any colors, mine is Christmas themed), ruler, embroidery thread (any color you like) scissors, needle, and loads of time. (Picture at bottom)

Then you need to make separate bows I will be putting up a tutorial soon! So you make as much bows as you want, I made 10 but it depends what you want to use your chandelier for. After your done making bows just take the needle pull through the embroidery thread and sew the bows together. This part may be hard since the duct tape is sticky but don’t give up! So yeah hope you liked this tutorial!



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